Central Coast Country Dance Society

Contra Gallery

  • Contribute Photos by clicking here, then selecting the year and the event. Log in if you are already a registered user, or register if not. Click Add Album (left side of screen). In the Name field, put your initials (first, middle, last). This will create a unique area for your photos. In the Title field , put "Photos by Your Name" with your actual name. You can leave summary, keywords, and description blank. Click on the Create button at the bottom of the screen. Click on Add Items at the left of the screen to add photos to your newly created sub- album. The default way to upload photos is through the web browser. To upload through your web browser, click the browse button and find the first photo file on your system. You can, if you wish, add a caption in the next field. For multiple photos, you can just hit the next browse button to select the next photo. A quick way to upload a group of photos is to create a ZIP file on your computer, then select that. The zipped photos will be uploaded. You may want to select "Set item titles" to "caption." Finally, click on "Add Items" to upload your photos. Direct any questions to Harold at info@cccds.org. Or, you can just email photos to info@cccds.org and I'll post them for you! You can post videos!
  • Registration - Unfortunately spammers are taking advantage of sites where users can post comments and other content. To reduce this abuse, we now require user registration before you can post comments or add photos. The registration process is very simple and involves use of a confirmation email with a link for you to click on. To further reduce spam, the IP address of any spammer is logged, then blocked from further access to the server.